Whether you are and established band or just starting out, we can help with your recording needs. Whether recording a demo or laying down tracks for your next album, we can get your sound down, mixed and ready for your fanbase. Using a variety of techniques, industry standard equipment and the unique natural sound of our rooms we can record instruments, vocals, full bands or solo artists. Talk to us in detail about your project and we’ll help you get started.
Our recording engineers have worked in several studio environments from 24 track full analogue taped based systems to Cubase, Acid, Logic and now Reaper Digital Audio Workstations. We have a full collection of sound sources including vintage synth’s, digital synth’s and drum machines, sampler and effects by Roland, Korg, Novation, Yamaha and EMU. The sound suite is growing all the time so
stop by and see what we have in for you to work with.

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Our roster of in-house engineers can help you record your style of sound and get the most from your time with us. We can also work with pre-recorded material for edits and overdubs, or if you prefer we can record everything from scratch. We recommend you have a plan for your recording session to ensure you spend maximum time playing and less time deciding what to play!
Using a combination of analogue and digital recording techniques, we can capture great sound in our small location which translates well into the final recordings.

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Editing & Mixing

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Hire Recording Equipment

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We have a number of partners that we work closely with to provide our range of services, the main pages of this site contain some links to allow you to find out more. Based in East London, we are proud to work in the community, connecting music services to local people, helping to realise homegrown talent along the way. Most of our current work is based upon repeat business. We can even put you in touch with them so you can ask about E13 Music yourself!