• Want to learn how to mix like the pro’s?
  • Ever wanted to get behind a live sound desk and mix a band?
  • Want to get to grips with industry standard equipment in the studio?

Welcome to E13 Music’s education and training section. Here we pull together resources to help you to learn more on the subject that you care about.
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Whether refreshing vinyl mixing skills, experiencing the latest Digital DJ software or just want to know how to mix a band we can help. We offer a range of learning services, as well as pointing you towards great free resources to help you achieve your learning goal. We offer three programmes
DJ Skills, Music Production and Sound Engineering.

Our dedicated team at E13 Music not only offer their services for hire, but they also assist with this unique learning experience. We strongly believe in the ‘hands-on’ approach, and employ this across our programme. We do all training in-house either at our home location or at partner site with an experienced Class Leader. Over a series of three 1 hour sessions we can cover all the topics to get you playing, mixing or recording with confidence. Please note this programme serves as a
basic introduction to these subjects and will never replace formal training!!

Contact us today and we can help you devise your learning scheme, and provide you with a place to put it into practise.

DJ Skills

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Sound Engineering

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Music Production

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We have a number of partners that we work closely with to provide our range of services, the main pages of this site contain some links to allow you to find out more. Based in East London, we are proud to work in the community, connecting music services to local people, helping to realise homegrown talent along the way. Most of our current work is based upon repeat business. We can even put you in touch with them so you can ask about E13 Music yourself!